Thursday, December 29, 2016

Andy Stanley: Why people leave the faith

Highly recommended reading!

The January/February 2017 issue of Outreach magazine features an in-depth (4,766-w0rd) interview with Andy Stanley titled, “The Agile Apologetic.”

Some notable quotables:

“People don’t simply leave faith; they leave a version of faith.”

“[T]hey have a skewed version or vision of God that they are leaving.”

They are “leaving versions of Christianity that most Christians would completely be against, as well. When I hear some of these stories, I think, Heck. I would have left that too!”

“We all think our version of Christianity is the right one. But we can’t all be correct. So to address people who have left the faith or are considering doing so, it’s important to understand what specifically about the faith they’re leaving.”

“Often, I might say to a person that what they left needed to be left, because it wasn’t real Christianity to begin with.”

“Nothing could be clearer in the New Testament, particularly the Gospels. Jesus invited people to follow before they believed. In our messaging, are we inviting people who are outsiders to follow?”
“Follow precedes believe.”

“People get methodology and theology confused all the time, and then get upset when you start changing methodology. They’re two different things. Theology should inform ministry, but if it limits whom you minister to, then you have the wrong theology. Just ask Jesus.”

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