Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Writing honest song lyrics

HOW ARE YOU? Fine? Just fine? Not so fine? Really not so fine? It's hard to be honest, isn't it? 

Thankfully, we can be completely honest with God, who invites us to be truefaced each and every single day of our lives. 

I learned this as a teenager and it probably saved my life. Here's the backstory: If I "own" any part of the Hebrew & Christian Scriptures, I own the middle. It's there we find the book of Psalms. It's actually a collection of 5 books full of ancient song lyrics that rhyme thoughts, not words. That's why so many of the songs still are relevant today and have been each generation for nearly 3,000 years. 

As a young follower of Jesus Christ, I read 5 psalms each day and memorized 1 psalm each week. I also wrote deeply honest "song lyrics that rhyme thoughts" to express my own ups and downs as a teenager. 

So, how are you? You can write your own psalm(s) too...

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