Sunday, August 23, 2015

What’s Going to Happen (or, Why We Don’t Need to Fear the Future)

Outside of the Bible, no other sacred writings contain detailed prophecies of future events. After all, only God, who spoke the universe into existence, can accurately foretell what’s going to happen at the climax of history. 

In one hundred twenty-five words, here’s a summary of what we learn from biblical prophecy:

You and I should never be surprised by the phenomenal (albeit short-lived) success of evil, Satan-inspired men. Until the climax of history, many evil men will triumph for a time. The 20th century was no exception. There’s no reason to believe the 21st century will be an exception either. But you and I never need fear that evil will triumph completely. Why? Because God controls the day they ascend to power and the day of their downfall. This will be true of even the most wicked, Satan-inspired man of all, the Antichrist. In the end, God will crush his enemies. No matter what happens this century, you and I need to keep the end of God’s story clearly in view—and never lose faith.

Let’s not fool ourselves about who our real enemy is. Most of the time we aren’t privy to what’s really going on in the spiritual realm. We’re engaged in a war of a much larger scale than we see day-to-day.

After recruiting his first disciples, Jesus takes them to the synagogue in the city of Capernaum, where that unseen war became visible for a brief moment. When a demon-possessed man tries to tell Jesus what to do, he immediate rebukes the evil spirit and tells him what to do. To everyone’s astonishment, the demon has to obey what Jesus says.

The reality is, we all have to obey Jesus. We may shake and scream. We may try to tell Jesus what to do. But in the end, we have to obey him. The question isn’t, “Is Jesus Lord of your life?” The question is, “Have you acknowledged that fact?”

According to the Bible, one day everyone in heaven and on earth and under the earth will have to bow the knee and proclaim that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. How much better to gladly acknowledge his place in the universe, and in your life, here and now.

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