Monday, February 23, 2015

"Speak to me!"

Kent Hughes tells the story of a celebrated Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman, who was listening to Stravinsky one day and had a vision of a nineteenth-century cathedral. In the vision Bergman found himself wandering about a great building and finally coming before a picture of Jesus Christ. Realizing its importance, Bergman said to the picture, "Speak to me! I will not leave this cathedral until you speak to me!" But of course the picture did not speak. That same year he produced The Silence, a film about characters who despair of ever finding God.

Bergman's problem was, he was looking at the wrong picture. Rather, he needed to listen to the massive eloquence of the Christ of Scripture--for "in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son" (Hebrews 1:2). He needed to see the eloquence of Jesus Christ's character and speech and actions and, above all, the sublime eloquence of the cross, for there he speaks salvation.

The apparent silence of God provides a touch-point with today, for Bergman well represents our troubled world that bristles at the imagined silence of God. 

Yet God has eloquently spoken to us--in creation, through his prophets and apostles and, most of all, through the eloquence of his Son.

The answer to life's storms? The eloquence of Jesus Christ's person is the most practical thing on earth. Indeed, Jesus, understood and exalted, eloquently informs every area of life.

If you're not yet a follower of Jesus Christ, I encourage you to sincerely pray the essence of Bergman's prayer: "Speak to me!" Ask God himself to speak to you. 

If you are a follower of Jesus, you may be feeling beleaguered, perhaps wondering if God really cares about your current situation. If life sometimes feels stressful and even overwhelming, I invite you to embrace the supremacy of Jesus Christ. 

Again, Jesus Christ himself eloquently informs every area of life. 


Kevin Haislip said...

Excellent essay David!! But do not forget that God also speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit. His still small voice directs our paths and gives greater understanding of scripture.

David Sanford said...

Agreed, Kevin! May I send you a copy of my new article about God speaking to us today? If so, what's the best email address for me to use?