Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Surprised by Faith

Yesterday I mentioned a core theme we see presented from start to finish in the New Testament, starting with what some scholars believe was the earliest book—the epistle of James.

That core theme?

True living faith planted by God in one’s heart is to be professed and ultimately put into practice by one’s actions, deeds, and good works.

Allow me to translate what I’ve just said in my own life and experience.

God didn’t save me because I was such an example of faith and godliness.

The David Sanford writing this blog post is descended from a long line of unbelievers stretching back at least a century.

Long before I was born, numerous Southern plantation owners named “Sanford laid claimed to 259 African slaves in the state of Georgia alone in the year 1850.

Long before that a fiery preacher hailing from Medway, Massachusetts, by the name of David Sanford served as a chaplain during the Revolutionary war against Great Britain

The David Sanford writing this blog post was at least four generations removed from any family claim to faith and godliness when God first spoke to my heart.

Believe me, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that God planted the seed of faith in my heart when I was a child, and how thankful I am that God caused that faith to take deep roots in my heart by the time I was 13 years old.

But whatever faith I claim to have had as a teenager or young man doesn’t matter to God.

Instead, God wants to know if His seed of faith has really taken root in my heart. He’s looking at the evidence. Skip what I write and say. Is there solid evidence that I’m bearing good fruit in my family, in my church family, in my neighborhood and community, and in my job?

After all, true faith always produces good works. The two go hand in hand.

What’s your story? I invite you to write to me today.

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