Thursday, December 11, 2008

Q & A -- What if God Left?

One question I hear a lot is:

Q. What if it’s God who did the leaving?

A. I know some people talk about when God “left” them. Experientially, that’s what it feels like to them. But it’s how they feel—it’s not what really happened.
            God never leaves us. Instead, God disappears. There’s a big difference.
            In Scripture, God sometimes disappeared for 400 years at a time. But people of faith still believed and obeyed the Lord. And God was still actively involved in their lives. He still spoke to them through the Scriptures, meditation, music, and silence. He still answered prayer and performed miracles.
            I never have to worry about God leaving me. I never have to worry about God disengaging from my life. Instead, when I don’t feel the Lord’s presence, I need to go back to the “faith builders” that help me experience God at work in and through me for His glory and my good.

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