Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking for Wisdom

When it comes to seeking true wisdom, we have three valid options.

First, we can open the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts and help us to hear what God has to say to us.

Second, we can give priority to the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, again asking the Holy Spirit to apply the Gospels to our hearts and lives.

Third, we can talk with godly individuals who we know have feared the Lord for many years, know God’s Word very well, live exemplary lives, listen to our questions and concerns, and then look to God to give them the words to speak to us.

Such individuals hear the whole story, weigh what is said, ask lots of good questions, consider the whole counsel of God in this book, and then apply biblical principles to life.

Furthermore, such individuals aren’t quick to answer, aren’t 100% certain they know all the answers, aren’t quick to offer pat answers, and are willing to join us for the journey.

Do you have one or more such individuals in your life right now? If so, who are they? What name or names come to mind?

Personally, the names that come to mind include Jim Hislop, Mike Fox, Mike Fajen, Gil Woo, Paul Goodrich, Paul Schroth, Rex Koivisto, Bob McNicol, Jon Marks, Joe DiCarlo, Steve Burg, Kevin McKinney, and Paul Govert. I’ve had the privilege of serving as an elder with each of these men. They know me well. More importantly, they know God well. They know the Bible well. Yes, sometimes I’ve let them down. I’ve disappointed them. I’ve hurt some of them. But we’re in this Christian life together. And they know I love and respect them, and I know I can count on them through thick and thin.

Why can I count on these individuals? Because when it comes to interacting with me, they’re not double minded. It’s not, “Hey, David, great to see you!” one week and “Oh, no, not David again” the next week. And the same is true of my heart’s responses to them. 

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