Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'll take a mocha...and a miracle please

The following story is from my friend Ann Dunagan, a missionary, homeschool mom, and author of several excellent books:

Last Friday morning, I woke up to an urgent phone call regarding a troubled teenage girl. She'd run away from home, been found wandering along the highway, barefoot, and she'd been "cutting" herself again.


God's "grace" for me to keep helping this girl was running thin . . . and wearing me out.

Earlier in the year, I had prayed with this 16-year-old to receive Christ, she'd been baptized, and our family had been attempting to bring her to church, whenever we could. I knew she'd had a problem before with "cutting" herself, and I knew I needed assistance with her situation, more desperately than ever.

More than anything, I knew this girl needed help at home, and so did her mother.

Quite a few times, I had attempted to talk with the girl's mom about God, but she was totally resistant. Our home group had been praying for her for about a year, with seemingly no headway. Any invitation to attend church was totally rejected. Besides working at Wal-Mart and buying necessities, this mom had kept herself practically locked-up alone in her trailerpark home for years, consumed with the idea that she couldn't go to a church because she couldn't be around people.

As I hung up up the phone and began praying, I felt very specifically that it was the day for this woman to return to the Lord. There was such an urgency in my heart, and it was amazing. I felt like God gave me a specific little mission. I called her up and invited her to coffee, so we could talk for a few minutes about her daughter.

Later that afternoon, we met at a little coffee shop a few minutes from this lady's home. With love and frankness, I shared, once again, about her need for God's help and salvation. But this time, her reaction was totally different. In less than ten minutes (and before she'd taken more than a sip or two from her mocha), this hardened woman was weeping and surrendering to the Lord. She began to reminisce about songs from her childhood days in Sunday school, and how she knew that I was right.

On Sunday morning, this woman did something she hadn't done for years. She brought her daughter to church, and at the end of the service, both mom and daugher came forward and were kneeling at the altar of our church, and hugging each other with tears streaming down their faces. Both wanted to come back to church, and the the mom even hung around afterward to talk and to meet people. I'm serious, this was totally a MIRACLE!!! God totally changed this woman's heart, and he set her free.

And God is going to help this woman with her daughter (and at last, I have just the right person to help bring this teenager to church!).

So, if the Lord prompts you to witness or to share with someone, step out and obey. You never know what awesome things God may do. This whole outing lasted only about 45 minutes, including the driving from my home and ordering at the counter . . . but it totally made my week!

Now that's a coffee break!

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Ann Dunagan said...

David, thanks for sharing this story. In the last two weeks since I wrote this, this mom and her daughter have both been continuing to seek God and they've been coming to church on their own (even though our family has been out of town ministering at other churches). God knew I wouldn't always be able to take this girl to church, but she needed to go!

Also, just tonight, I was reading my copy of If God Disappears. Thanks for all you're doing to help people realize that even when we might not "see" or "feel" God, He's still there. And He's SO REAL!!!