Friday, October 17, 2008

David and Rachel's Story

Can God really bring anything good out of crushing circumstances?

David Prince knows something about physical suffering. While he was still a young pastor, the health problems began for him and his wife, Judith. She had to have a brain operation; he later lost his eyesight. A few years later, David had to have a double transplant for a kidney and his pancreas.

Just months after his transplant, David was given three days to live because of multiple infections in his blood. He survived, but only two years after that, he and Judith were involved in a head-on collision. Ten days later, Judith died in intensive care.

By age thirty, David had lost his wife and his health. His kidney transplant was failing. He had to go back on dialysis three days a week. But once again, God provided a new kidney. Throughout the whole process, David continued to trust his Savior, and remained committed to his church ministry.

Eight years after Judith’s death, David met a wonderful Christian woman named Rachel, and two years later, they were married. They now live in South Yorkshire, where David is still involved in Church ministry and writing and composing songs. They travel the country, sharing David’s story and songs in concert.

Can God bring any good out of crushing circumstances? Both David and Rachel reply with an emphatic “yes!”

I invite you to visit David and Rachel’s website or write to them.

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