Monday, September 22, 2008

Reviews and a Reason

Over the last two weeks, If God Disappears has been reviewed on several blogs (see the complete list in the left column). One blogger, Christy, had the following to say:

The most powerful part of the entire book just may be the epilogue. Sanford tells the story of how Jesus got Peter and his brother to follow him; by meeting them, hanging around, and then disappearing so that they had to seek him out. Perhaps that's just what God does on occasion: disappear so that we seek Him out. The book is intelligent with a great deal of heart, the type you want to read over the course of several readings so that you can really take in the message and let it soak into your soul.

Here is a piece of my response to her:

The whole reason I wrote this book is because I experientially lost that faith, quite unexpectedly, 11 years ago after a rapid-fire series of crises, including my oldest daughter being diagnosed with a painful, cancer-like condition.

The problem? I had an incorrect theology of God and an equally incorrect theology of how life works. Sometimes God has to dismantle our "good" faith in order to rebuild a much more vibrant, robust faith in us.

I never want to experientially lose my faith again. That was a terrible experience. But I'm so glad I did. Otherwise, my faith would be good, but not good enough when the trials and temptations of life hit. And hit they do, believe me. I've certainly faced much more difficult trials the past 11 years, including my oldest son's bicycle/SUV accident two years ago.

Bottom line: Through my book, If God Disappears, I want to offer hope and healing, mercy and grace.

Thank you to all of the people who took the time to read If God Disappears and post a review. Your feedback and comments are much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

I have had several devastating tragedies in my life. My sister was murdered, my son was in a horrible accident leaving him partially paralyzed, and I married a man who two days after the wedding tried to kill me. That was the worst one. I became fearful of everyone and everything until I realized something. God preserved my life for a reason. I amA not exactly sure what the reason is. This happened back in Feb of this year 2010. I am very curious to see what God has planned for me. It must be big because only a miracle saved me. I felt like David up against Goliath...big time. I was so very scared but still at peace all at the same time. Unexplainable peace. God is totally amazing and unexplainably awesome. My life will never be the same. So close to death and yet I am still here.