Monday, September 8, 2008

Andrew's story

Like many young people, Andrew grew up in a family that went to church every Sunday. He was actively involved in Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and Bible camp.

When he started college, Andrew started attending a new church with several newfound friends. They met at dinnertime to pray for the university’s students and faculty. He became known among his peers as a bold witness for Jesus Christ.

Late one December evening, Andrew was driving home during a winter storm. A deer suddenly darted in front of his car. He quickly swerved to avoid a head-on collision. Seconds later, he was dangling upside down in his flipped vehicle.

Andrew was scared, hurt, and angry with God. “If he loved me,” Andrew reasoned, “how could God let this happen to me? How could he let me hang there, trying to pry my seatbelt loose?”

That dark evening cast a shadow over Andrew’s life. Relatively speaking, he hadn’t done anything evil or wrong, yet he was badly hurt. He felt deeply resentful and abandoned. Not surprisingly, Andrew struggled with deep depression for months. Instead of being the one other students sought out to answer their tough questions, he was the one doing the seeking. His life’s journey had been severely marred, and he was reeling for answers.

Over time however, Andrew finally opened up to others, read the Bible, began to pray, and eventually recovered from his depression.

He says, “I realize now that God never left me. He was there right beside me, waiting with outstretched arms for me to return.”

Like Andrew and others, I’ve discovered that God is willing to wait a long time. To him, a thousand years is but a day. God longs for me to stop cutting myself with the shattered remnants of my broken heart. No matter how long I resist, he continues to offer hope and healing for every level of my being.

It may sound reckless, especially if you’ve been disappointed by God repeatedly in the past. But I believe it is worth the risk of embracing God again.


Art L. said...

If God Disappears is a wonderful book. I was convicted in many points. We all have our spiritual ups and downs. When down most get up, some never do. With powerful stories of everyday people, David illustrates the faith wreckers of life and what we must do to build that faith up again. A must read for anyone who desires to keep their faith strong in the God of their salvation.

Cliff Girl said...

Your sentence "God longs for me to stop cutting myself with the shattered remnants of my broken heart" is so moving and beautiful. Thank you!