Monday, August 25, 2008

Only four months until Christmas

I’ve been thinking about Christmas a lot lately. No, I’m not worried about what to buy my wife, my three grown children, my two younger children, and my two small grandchildren. Instead, I’ve been wondering why it’s often so easy for people to stop believing in Jesus when they “grow up” and “outgrow” the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve been deeply concerned about how aggressively some ridicule the whole idea of child-like faith. And I’ve been thinking about what it must have been like for Jesus 2,000 years ago.

In complete contrast to the Messianic expectations of the ancient Jewish people, Jesus Christ didn’t come out of nowhere riding into Jerusalem as a conquering hero. Instead, he entered this world in a most unexpected way: as an infant child. Have you ever thought about what Jesus did the first 10 or 15 years after his birth? That’s right: He was a boy. Why in the world would Jesus, God’s Son, creator of the heavens and earth, want to be a kid all those years? Wasn’t that a waste of time? No. Absolutely not. First, it was fun being a kid! Jesus got to play with other children.

Have you ever noticed that grown-ups sometimes worry too much and don’t have enough fun? I think Jesus invented a special plan so that, even though he was God, he could be a kid.

Ultimately, of course, Jesus became a child for a much bigger purpose. He entered our world as a child so you and I could become like little children and enter his world. We enter his world by being adopted into his family. That’s not all. We enter his world in order to become active members of his Church and to make an eternal difference by joyfully and willingly serving in his kingdom.

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Dennis K. said...

I’ve been meditating recently on Genesis 1. Who made Adam and Eve? God’s Son, Jesus Christ. When Jesus makes Adam, he’s thinking, “I better do a good job. I’m going to live in one of these for 33 years.” When Jesus makes Eve, he’s thinking, “I better do a good job. I’m going to live in one of these for 9 months.” God became fully one of us, a human being. Our story and his are intertwined. His personhood couldn’t be more real.