Saturday, August 9, 2008

Billy Graham

Not everyone experientially loses his or her faith. But everyone has faced--or will face--crises of life and faith. These pivotal times are part of each person's spiritual journey.

No Christian is exempt.

Not even Billy Graham, who suffered a profound faith struggle in the late 1940s, shortly before his evangelistic ministry captured worldwide media attention. This largely unknown part of his life story is an integral part of the movie Billy, a new movie coming out this fall. Billy is about Billy Graham’s early years, leading up to his crisis of faith (and subsequent decision to trust God and God’s Word by faith no matter what).

I encourage you to watch the trailer especially the closing minute about Billy’s crisis of faith.


alyssa said...

Thanks (as always) for highlighting the realities and struggles of faith.

Anonymous said...

It's funny the books that God has been plopping down in my lap -- i too experienced a crisis of faith beginning last fall, after the birth of my baby and the death of my grandfather and father. God has been slowing rebuilding my faith, thanks to resources like yours. i've already given my copy of the book to a young woman who confided in me about a crisis of faith.