Sunday, July 6, 2008

You won my trust

Recently a friend of a friend, whom I’ll call Jodi, phoned me to discuss a book she’s writing. In the course of our discussion, we started asking about each other’s religious background and spiritual journey as an adult. Afterward, I sent Jodi a quick letter saying, among other things: “I greatly appreciated your authenticity and integrity, especially when we were talking about spirituality. You could have done what some people do and told me what I wanted to hear. Instead, you won my trust by being yourself.”

Interestingly, Jodi told me her paternal grandparents are devote Christians, her parents chose to live by the morals of Christianity without going to church, and Jodi and her husband are more “open” (syncretistic) in their beliefs, which has included attending church with friends and watching a popular televangelist every Sunday morning.

I was especially impressed that Jodi has taken the time to read the Bible cover to cover. Maybe like Jodi, it’s time you read the Good Book from Genesis to Revelation. I highly recommend the Starting Point Study Bible.

I also recommend How to Read Your Bible by David & Renée Sanford. We will be glad to send copies to the first 10 individuals who visit the web site and write to us at the e-mail address provided there. Please be sure to include your full mailing address (sorry, U.S. addresses only).

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