Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Man Who Learned Too Much"

"Lobdell, 47, is one of the area’s most important journalists. His voice has been carried in many local news venues over the course of two decades – from his early days as the editor of this magazine, to his time as the editor of the Daily Pilot, to serving as city editor for the Los Angeles Times’ Orange County edition. But his voice never carried the same reach and power as it did one Saturday last summer. After covering the religion beat for the Times from 1998 to 2006, Lobdell confessed his loss of faith in a soul-baring piece that ran in the Column One position on the front page of the newspaper. The sex scandals of the Catholic Church and the misdeeds of other religion-based organizations had extinguished his belief in God. His emotional revelation ignited an avalanche of emails – more than the paper had ever gotten for a single news story.

"'(I am) a reluctant atheist,' he says at one point, putting into words the angst this former evangelical Christian feels. And it seems to be the theme of his life these days."
Read the rest of the article, "The Man Who Learned Too Much" by Craig Reem.

What do you think? Are the scandals, secrets, and sins of the Church enough reason to shut the door on God?

And if you do keep believing, how do you keep your faith alive in light of the Church's dark past and current failings?

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